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Cost (4)

How must does it cost to race all 4 weekends this season (2020)?
The full-season price this year is going to be $5250 for four weekends. That makes the price of each race even cheaper than last year before adding any discounts! Payment deadline for full-season price will be Feb 15th, 2020!
What is the "Loyalty Discount"
Our Loyalty Discount is given to all teams that competed in the 2019 season. Every year that discount builds by an additional 5%. Teams must compete in more than 1 event in each season to be eligible. All new teams competing in our 2020 season will receive their own 5% discount for 2021.
Do you offer a discount for teams racing more than one vehicle?
We certainly do! Teams will receive a 10% discount entering a second car into an event. Receive 20% discount when you enter 3 or more cars into an event. This can be added together with the “Loyalty Discount”.
How do I Register?
You can register anytime here ( https://ldrc.raceday.pro/sign_in ). Let us know if you have any issues at all!


What are the typical cars you see racing at your events?
Typically you see lots of Honda (CRX, Civic, Prelude) and BMW (E30, E36, E46) and Porsche (944) but it is such a mixed bag. Mazda Miata, Toyota MR2, there are even pickup trucks! In a nutshell, it can be any car that has been massed produced, meets our safety requirements and can (hopefully) endure being on a race track for 8+ hours at a time.
Do I need a special racing license?
No. Basic drivers license is fine. At every event (before the races) we have instructors there that will go over all of the flags and rules that keep you safe out there on track. We assume all novices are competent drivers, capable of driving a manual transmission properly so all of the focus can be put on the tactics of being on a race track. If you’re learning to drive still, this is too advanced.
Do you rent transponders at the event?
Yes, there is a rental fee of $50 for the weekend. The team captain is responsible for the full replacement cost if it is lost or damaged.
I don't have a team, but I have a racing suit and I want to race. What can I do?
Many teams offer "Arrive and Drive" programs at various prices depending on the car and accommodations included. Feel free to contact info@racelucky.ca and we can point you in the direction of teams that offer those kinds of opportunities.
My team raced in 2019 but I don't have a discount code.
All codes were sent to the team captains registered in 2019. If that was not you, feel free to contact info@racelucky.ca and we'll gladly look it up for you.
I want to install performance parts on my car. Do you have particular rules or a point-system to follow?
No, we do not. When teams can be open about their car builds and they aren't trying to hide their mods, it creates a much better grassroots atmosphere which is family friendly but still very competitive.
What is the format of your typical race weekend?
Generally we do a qualifying session to determine the class of every team, followed by our first endurance race on Saturday. Saturday evening we put on a BBQ which is free to our racers and crew. On Sunday we have our second endurance race and usually have things wrapped up in time for folks to be able to start their trek home around 6pm.
I have a street car that would be a perfect race car, but I'm not sure where to begin with conversion process.
Building and maintaining a race car isn't for everyone, some folks just want to drive! There are a few reputable shops in Ontario that build and maintain race cars. For example, our sponsors, Powersports Garage. located right at Calabogie Motorsports Park. They can even crew the car for you at the races if you want!
Is there a championship?
Yes. Over the course of the season (4 weekends, 8 races total) teams will accumulate points. At the end of the final race of the season, the team that has accumulated the most points overall in their class will be the champions of the season and will receive a prize.
What is the Sprint Class?
Some folks prefer to do 20-30mins on track at a time, for various reasons. We like to cater to them too and give them the opportunity to come enjoy the fun. Each weekend has a slightly different format to mix things up a bit, see each race in the schedule for more details.
What if my team changes class and we have championship points?
Points are accumulated with the assumption that cars remain in the same class throughout the season which we find to generally be the case unless major upgrades have been made. If this happens, each case will be looked at individually and discussed with the team. Put simply, if your car is doing well in your class for the championship, leave it alone other then preventative maintenance and things should be fine.
What if my lap times change from my qualifying times and my team gets faster or slower throughout the day?
We realise that lap times have many variables and can change over time depending on weather, temps, etc. Generally, lap times drop throughout the day and cars get faster throughout the entire field, so usually no changes are needed. We have a timing and scoring person that keeps on eye on track conditions and also lap times of every team to make an educated decision on if a classification needs to change. They also watch for sand bagging.
What is sand bagging?
Here's an example. Having a car that is very capable of A-class speeds, but you are driving at the same speeds (slower) as B-class. Generally, it is to get a class-win instead of simply a top-ten. We do look out for this in the timing tower and if we suspect your team for sand bagging at any time, we will address it immediately with either penalty laps or a class change, and your team will be notified.
Thinking of crossing the border to attend one of our events?
It's easier than you think, as long as you don’t have a DUI on your record. You may get asked information regarding the event (prize money, etc.) but generally the border folks seem more concerned about what you are bringing over the border in the first place (so keep an inventory-list handy it will speed the process up greatly) and they want to make sure you bring all of those things back home with you after the race.” Lucky Dog Racing Canada is happy to provide a letter confirming your registration to one of our events if needed.