Round up a team

Gather your team - Find two or more friends that are willing to work on the car during their spare time.

Choose a team name (have fun with it!) and a team captain - It's key to have someone tasked with keeping your team organized for the season from the garage to the track.

Pick your car number - You can use up to 3 digits and numbers are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Get in touch with us before putting numbers on the car if you can, we'll let you know if another team has reserved your number already -

Look over the rules

Download the series rule book even if it's just for review, it's REALLY important that you look them through and ask any questions that come up. We recommend a copy for each team member… in this case, there is safety in numbers.

Find a car

Scour your local Craigslist & auto classifieds for the ideal, stock, running production car that is at least 15 years old. Can’t find a 15 year old car? We offer a Super Dawg Class (SD) for really cheaty mobiles. We highlyrecommend having a read through the rulebook before this step! Feel free to reach out if you need any help, our community is pretty awesome when it comes to sourcing parts and answering questions.

Keep it safe

Secure a roll cage (best left to fabrication professionals) and round up your safety gear & equipment - belts, seat, fire suppression system, head & neck restraint device, fire suit, gloves, Nomex underwear & socks, etc. (all covered in our Rule Book).

Check out the action


Determine your race schedule & team budget and get registered for the events you'd like to attend. Our Rule book contains all of our pricing for the season (and our early bird special prices for budget conscious teams). You can register for events up until race day, buy why wait? Put those late fees to work on your car instead!


Review the rules... again. Now with your newly acquired race car know-how, your team should take another pass at the rules to make sure you'll be ready for gear and tech inspection on race day.